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Name:Hoax Peak Academy (Dangan Ronpa AU RP Group)
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((Welcome to Hoax Peak Academy, a Dangan Ronpa RP group with AU setting where Hope’s Peak is just a really intense boarding school with most outside contact cut off with the stated goal of fostering relationships between the “future leaders” on the inside but everyone gets to go home at the end of the semester. However, other than being a normal (if unusually constricted) boarding school, Hope’s Peak has a special disciplinary rule! When one of the (actually very closely monitored) students violates the rules in a fairly harmless manner that could be construed as a “prank” against one of the other students in their class, that class holds a trial to determine the culprit!! Similar to the mutual killing trials, if the culprit is found out, they receive (sometimes over-the-top and weird, but harmless) punishment, while the wrong person being accused results in everyone else getting the punishment (while the real culprit gets a weekend pass because while Hope’s Peak is a very nice place, it’s nice to leave sometimes, or perhaps another nice prize). A certain degree of mischief is encouraged because it’s important to not take life too seriously!! (AKA, we like school trials, but we don’t like characters dying) So let's have some fun!!))

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